Medicaid applications are the process by which an elderly person seeks to be approved for Medicaid assistance, which is provided by the State of North Carolina.  Medicaid assistance is paid for with a combination of state and federal funding.  Medicaid applications are initiated by the person seeking to be approved or their designated representative in the county in which the person seeking assistance was a resident prior to entry into the facility.  So if you were a resident of Alamance County, but you ended up going to a nursing home in Guilford County, you would apply for Medicaid assistance in Alamance County. 

The county Department of Social Services administers the Medicaid program on a local level.  Some counties require that applications be completed in person, while others allow the completion and mailing of applications.  Call your local DSS office for information regarding how they process applications. 

Click here for a list of local DSS offices, phone numbers, and addresses.

For a copy of the Long Term Care Medicaid Application, click here.

*Note: The application for Special Assistance is not available online.  Contact you local DSS office to schedule an appointment with a caseworker to complete an Special Assistance Application, or call our office and allow us to do the application for you!

Want to know how the average Medicaid application process works?  Click here.

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